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I'm a former political adviser to the Labour Party and The Independent Group, which I helped found.

I was born in Swindon, studied at Cardiff University and have lived in London since 2007. I was switched on to politics by Tony Blair's 1997 landslide and was involved with Labour politics as a student.

After graduation, I worked first for Julie Morgan, the Labour MP for Cardiff North, as a research assistant. After chairing Welsh Labour Students, I was Labour Students' National Secretary in 2007-08, after which I went to work for former Home Secretary David Blunkett during his time as a backbencher.

I then had a stint in the Parliamentary Labour Party office, where I was part of the secretariat for the entire PLP, attending Shadow Cabinet and the weekly meetings of all Labour MPs and Peers. Subsequently I was political adviser to Liz Kendall in her role as Shadow Minister for Social Care.

Since then, I've had periods working in a Public Affairs team at a global agency, as a director of communications and policy for a think tank, and as a freelance communications and political adviser.

In early 2019 I supported the launch of The Independent Group, helping to organise the defection of Labour and Conservative MPs from their parties in a bid to kickstart a return to moderation in British politics. In the second half of 2019 I moved to work for an advertisers' trade body.

In what exists of my spare time, I punish myself further via a season ticket to West Ham United, read a lot of Marvel Comics, and try to get to the cinema and theatre.


Politics, communications, winning elections not losing them, Marvel, geckos.